Departure from
about 3 hours
all year round


Exclusive after hours opening. You will have the San Marco Basilica totally for you.

Meet your private local guide at the hotel lobby and walk to Piazza San Marco. You will admire the main monuments like: The Palazzo Ducale (outside) the residence of the Doge and the seat of government and the magistracy, with courts, prisons and armoires. Next to it is the Basilica of Saint Mark (inside – private opening), once the private chapel of the Doge and now the cathedral of the city, which holds the relics of Saint Mark the Evangelist. A thousand years of history, art and religious devotion are concentrated here, illuminated in the gold of its mosaics.

The basilica is a real example of Venetian Opulence with something to delights the eye everywhere you look. The construction began in the early 9th century and until 1807 the basilica served as the Doge’s private chapel dedicated to Saint Peter,  before becoming Venice’s cathedral. Once inside you’ll admire its grandeur, its mosaic floor, the Pala d’Oro – an accomplished piece of decorated enamel that graces the High Altar.

The guided visit inside the basilica will last about 1 hours.


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    € 670 based on 2 people

    € 340 based on 4 people

    € 230 based on 6 people



    • Private afterhours opening at San Marco Basilica (1 hour slot).
    • English-speaking guide at disposal for 2 hours.


    Notes: Behave appropriately for a religious place, respecting at all costs the need for silence and suitable clothing (male visitors should remove their hat in church). Respect the surveillance staff and everyone present. No photographs or videos may be taken with any kind of equipment. Put mobile phones on silent and not using them inside the Basilica. No food, drinks or chewing gum may be consumed. Do not touch any works and/or mosaics. Do not leave any waste inside the Basilica.