Location: Florence


The eternal magic of Florence pervades every corner of the Helvetia & Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione, located in the heart of the historic center, just a short distance from the main attractions. The recent renovation of the hotel has returned one of its most refined and important historic buildings to Florence. Here history, art and great master craftsmen meet and reinterpret the “Great Beauty” of Italy, giving guests a memorable stay in the cradle of the Renaissance.


Guest Rooms and Suites

At Helvetia & Bristol all the details tell the story of the great Italian beauty. In the 89 recently renovated rooms, the exclusive taste for beauty and high Italian craftsmanship represent the main elements of inspiration for the restoration project that has reinterpreted the history of the hotel.
Refined and elegant environments embellished with antique furniture and meticulously restored works of art characterize the 64 rooms of the Helvetia Wing and create an atmosphere of discreet and enveloping luxury. The 25 “seductive” rooms and suites located in the Bristol Wing bear the signature of the famous designer Anouska Hempel, who for the project was inspired by the sophisticated atmospheres of the sumptuous Florentine palaces of the past, reinterpreting their style in an enveloping and contemporary key. Historical Florentine artisans have embellished the spaces with unpublished works made by hand on an original design.


Suites are divided into: Presidential Suite Bristol, Panoramic Suite Helvetia, Suites Helvetia & Bristol, Junior Suite View Helvetia, Junior Suites Helvetia & Bristol.

Other types of Rooms are: Deluxe Helvetia & Bristol, Family Room.


Restaurant & Bar

Cibrèo Caffè: From the exclusive collaboration with a historic Florentine name, an icon of Italian gastronomic excellence, the Cibrèo Caffè opens inside the Helvetia & Bristol, a reference point for those looking for a unique location for a coffee, lunch, or aperitif and special dinner in the historic center of Florence.The interior spaces of the Cibrèo Caffè and the outdoor area, with an enchanting view of the historic facades of the hotel and Palazzo Strozzi, reflect the warmth and genuineness of Florentine hospitality in an unmistakable atmosphere.The gastronomic proposals are linked to the authentic aromas and flavors of tradition, follow the rhythm of the seasons and use the best products that the Italian territory has to offer, the result of eco-sustainable productions.


Cibrèo Ristorante: The iconic Cibrèo, a famous name in Florentine catering with a success story for over 40 years, doubles its presence in the exclusive location of the historic Helvetia & Bristol Florence, inaugurating a new and innovative catering concept.

The new Cibrèo Ristorante offers an original menu based on highly selected Italian specialties. Among the dishes to try the crepes with ricotta cheese with white meat ragù, symbol of the generosity of the Cibrèo cuisine, the “Filet of Fassona Piemontese”, spokesperson for the quality and excellence of Italian raw materials, and “L ‘Abetone ”, a dessert that with its elegant asymmetry winks at the traditional Mont Blanc and becomes a symbol of the Florentine provocation typical of Cibrèo.

The new Cibrèo opening is even more sophisticated and unique by the brand new Cocktail Bar, which dominates the main room of the restaurant with its counter in yellow Siena marble. A dedicated series of original signature cocktails for Cibrèo are added to the classic selection of international cocktails and a wide range of spirits and liqueurs.


Bristol Winter Garden: The evocative Winter Garden, covered by the historic Liberty-style glass ceiling, is a versatile ambience, where mirrored screens bestow intimacy to the setting, reflecting the exquisite petroleum blue velvet of the seats, while the sophisticated wallpaper depicting the Tuscan fauna, recalls classic motifs of 18th-century chinoiserie.

The Winter Garden opens into the Tinello, a masterpiece of Florentine high craftsmanship and beating heart of the hotel, designed by Riccardo Barthel, that hosts a variety of gastronomic appointments in different moments of the day.
The Tinello can be booked for private events, dinners and chef’s tables for up to 12 guests.


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