Location: Portovenere

Perched on the dreamy Golfo dei Poeti’s western promontory, the historic fishing port’s sinuous seven- and eight-storey harbourfront houses form an almost impregnable citadel around the muscular Castello Doria. The town remains a romantic, scenic place for a day trip, or a relaxing base for exploring the coast. Serene by comparison to its Cinque Terre neighbours, weekends and summer evenings do bring Ligurians from far and wide for the evening stroll.

Room guests and Suites:

This 5-star Hotel on the Italian Riviera is nestled between the famous Cinque Terre and the inspirational Gulf of Poets in Eastern Liguria. Once upon a time, the building hosted the Convent of Saint Francis. Following careful renovation works, today it features a charming hotel with furniture of modern and relaxing colors in a mix of contemporary and classic style. Many rooms are also enriched with terraces, balconies and French windows overlooking the bay and the village, offering views of incomparable beauty.

The Rooms are divided into: Classic, Executive, Deluxe, Scriptorium Studio.

The Suites are: Cloister Junior Suite, Suite del Castello, Suite dei Poeti.


Bar and Restaurants:

The Venus Bar is located under the high-vaulted brick ceilings of the historic building that once hosted the San Francesco Convent. This is an ideal place to have a drink and relax during the day. During the warmer months, you can sit on the sea-view terrace and gaze at the beauty of Portovenere and Palmaria Island while enjoying a cocktail.

Palmaria Restaurant sits on a spectacular veranda overlooking Portovenere. You will find yourself inside a sort of contemporary sailing ship that is about to sail towards the horizon thanks to the wood floor, in a nautical style. The cushions, made by a local upholsterer, are yellow, pink and green just like the colors of the houses in the village of Portovenere.

At lunch the menu proposes light and well-balanced dishes and salads while still keeping a selection of more eclectic and refined dishes. The dinner menu is inspired by the “Grand Tour”, or the long journey in continental Europe (particularly in Italy) that was undertaken by the European aristocracy in the 17th century.

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