Location: Siena


The Grand Hotel Continental enjoys a privileged location on the city’s main street, just a short walk from Piazza del Campo and the magnificent Duomo cathedral.

The Palio is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July 2 and August 16 every year.


Guest Rooms and Suites

The Grand Hotel Continental welcomes its guests with its majestic elegance, beneath the original frescoes that adorn the vaulted ceilings of many of the rooms and with its original Tuscan cotto tiled floors that reverberate with 400 years of history.

All of the 51 rooms and suites, luxuriously appointed with antique paintings and opulent furnishings, evoke a centuries-old, aristocratic atmosphere. Each room is a masterpiece, with its own unique and inimitable character, that has been refined over the centuries.


Suites are divided into: Panoramic Suite, Heritage Suite, Noble Junior Suite, Junior Suite.

Other types of Rooms are: Deluxe View with Terrace, Deluxe View, Deluxe, Superior, Classic, Family Room.


Restaurant & Bar

Sapordivino: In the Sapordivino restaurant, located in the splendid Sale Gori, the elegance of the furnishings and the excellence of service create an exquisite, refined atmosphere. Here, the Chef Luca Ciaffarafà interprets the traditional Tuscan cuisine in his own unique way; his enticing menu blends ancient recipes with contemporary taste, to tell the gastronomic history of the region.

With its extreme simplicity, Sienese cuisine contains all the finest Tuscan flavours and ingredients. Its style, simple but refined, is strongly influenced by history and geography. The dishes are based on local farm products, including meat of native breeds and an exceptional olive oil.


Wine Cellar by Sapordivino: The Wine Cellar by Sapordivino is located at the base of a recently rediscovered medieval tower, one of the most fascinating parts of the hotel. Its thick stone walls, dating back to the 13th century, house a vast collection of fine wine labels. It’s the perfect place to visit for anyone wishing to enter the world of superb Tuscan wine and a perfect place to host events in a unique setting.


Lounge Bar by Sapordivino: The Lounge Bar by Sapordivino, located in the charming courtyard of the Palazzo, is a delightful yet informal setting that invites guests to enjoy a special Wine aperitif with a tasting of three selected wines, a cocktail or an elegant after-dinner drink. Guests are served by expert staff in a quiet, relaxing setting and can also choose to have their meals served here by the restaurant.


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