Trapani Countryside


Location: Trapani

Baglio Sorìa’s old seventeenth century building is one with the agricultural estate.
Situated halfway along the coast, on the hillside which overlooks this enchanting landscape, Baglio Sorìa is a perfect example of the traditional Sicilian architecture common in the most western part of Sicily.
Baglios were places of work and habitation for rural communities. They were a point of reference for men and women who shared, generation after generation, a way of Sicilian life and a particular Sicilian experience. The original building consisted of the main house, storehouses, craft workshops for craft making, and some living spaces for farmworkers.



Guest Rooms and Suites:

The eleven rooms of the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience look out over the Trapani countryside, which is as green and blossoming as the fruit it cultivates.

Each room maintains the charm of the traditional style typical of the Sicilian countryside. We have, however, given our personal touch to the original architecture through the restoration, by combining the historical structure with all the comforts of a fully functioning modern resort.
The original features have been appraised in order to remain as faithful as possible to the original architecture. The materials used in the resort rooms are perfectly adapted to the climate of the area protecting the interior environments from the summer heat and therefore ensuring a reduction in emissions and a notable saving on electricity. Furthermore, the white stone blends perfectly with the landscape without altering the beauty and authenticity of the area.




In our restaurant Trapani and its typical cuisine are the protagonists of the table. Here, a marriage is made between history and tradition, and the flavours of a chef who carefully and creatively enhances the local produce, creating exclusive dishes.
Our cuisine, from breakfast to dinner, is the product of a cultural identity which finds its primary resources in the Sicilian sea and earth. The Trapani area surrounds the Baglio Sorìa restaurant and makes protagonists of its aromas, the typical Sicilian welcome, and the precious wine and food heritage which can be found in every aspect of the facility.


Sky Lounge

From the Belvedere, Trapani appears immense surrounded by the sight of Sicilian nature.
This is Baglio Sorìa. This is its breath-taking view.
Situated on a hill which overlooks the vineyards and olive groves of the Baglio Sorìa Resort and Wine Experience, the Belvedere shows Trapani and the splendour of the surrounding agricultural area. The panoramic viewpoint of the Baglio Sorìa Belvedere is the ideal location to sit and contemplate the Trapanese countryside and its wonders, while sipping a glass of Firriato wine and enjoying the Mediterranean sea breeze.